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Aishiteru, Mikado

February 09, 2010

Chirashi Bowl

It’s no secret. My favourite Japanese haunt in Edmonton is the downtown location of Mikado Restaurant. Now, there are a few mighty fine Japanese establishments in my city, but none so far, have touched the quality I find in Mikado, Alberta’s first Japanese restaurant. I need to preface this that when I go out for Japanese, I don’t really touch the sushi or maki rolls. I go straight for either the chirashi bowl or a sashimi combo of sorts, so I’m really focusing on the quality of fresh fish they bring in. With rolls, you can hide a lot in rice and cucumber. But when you just want sliced fish to eat, it really does matter where you go for your sashimi and chirashi.

A Mikado Chef

Scenes from Mikado

I’m curious about Furusato, because of Chris’s reviews, but since I live all the way in the north side of the city, Mikado’s downtown location is hard to beat.


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