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Edmonton Foodie Meetup

March 04, 2010


How would most people describe a good evening? I know mine usually involves good food with good people and good conversation. That’s exactly what the 3rd Edmonton Foodie Meetup was. It was my first foray, and apparently, it was the largest with 16 of us congregating at the Jasper Ave location of Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria . Now, normally, I dislike going to chain restaurants but the vibe from the helpful waiters and waitresses that evening made it really feel like a caring and intimate, dare I say, almost “indie” like experience. The cynical part of me is because management heard about the fact that we’re voracious food bloggers and to be treated like VIPs; the other thinks that the smiling service really was genuine and sweet.

It also helped that we scheduled our dinner during their “Wine Tasting Wednesdays” where the waiters went around offering free samples of red and white vintages—and apparently, they took our some of their reserve bottles for us to sip at. Now, maybe I was just in a foodie mood, but I actually ordered a full 5 oz glass of Sauvignon Blanc to go with my meal, which was a lovely proscuitto, mozzarella, tomato, arrugula, and basil sandwich, the bread made out of their pizza dough. The dough was a nice combination of warm and crispy on the outside, with a thin chewy inside. Yum.

Proscuitto, Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil and Arugula Pizza Sandwich

Besides the great conversation and food, the highlight of the evening for me was when Valerie, aka A Canadian Foodie, whipped out these great homemade truffles:

Truffle Platter

I know, jealous yet?

Beavie Likes Bruschetta

Beavie, Valerie’s trusty beaver, loves bruschetta

The only snag of the eve, if it really was one, was that with having 16 people situated in a long table, it was hard to speak to the other half of the table. I look forward to the next meetup so I can finally speak to a few people I haven’t yet had a chance. Thanks to Sharon and Chris for organizing. Read Sharon’s recap for a list of all those who attended that have food blogs. Thanks to everyone who was on my end of the table; super fun to lament about the state of Alberta sushi (we’re land locked, alright?), Alberta beef (superior), cheap but tasty Indian eateries, and general tomfoolery.

As for Famoso, due to the lovely quality of the pizza crust, the fresh ingredients and the smiling service, I don’t hesitate recommending checking it out if you ever crave thin-crust and don’t mind chain restaurants. Though, if you’re looking for a real thin-crust and hand-made experience that’s definitely local, check out Tony’s Pizza Palace.

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