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Evening Slide

October 18, 2010

For whatever reason, psychologically feel the need to eat at night. I understand physical hunger pangs, and know these are simply “taste bud pangs.”

At any rate, had chilli for lunch as expected. Next meal was chicken thighs with sauteed cauliflower “rice,” and spinach. Around 5pm I started finishing off some Mrs Mays Ultimate Crunch; made me full throughout the night as it should since it was so calorically dense. Despite that, at 9pm decided to have some leftover roast chicken and mixed greens salad.

Felt snacky, started to have some popcorn.

Overall, I need get over these snacky impulses. It pushes me away from a deficit into maintenance or above.

On the plus side, it’s pretty easy for me to down 4L of water/green tea a day, and the snacks are leaving my house.

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