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Fast Day

October 19, 2010

Trying this whole “intermittent fast” thing—mostly because I want to test myself, another because it’s a simple way to have a caloric deficit. I don’t starve myself on the non-fast days, which is important, but I still need to stop being so snacky! Otherwise, I’m just staying “as is.”

Green tea in between my little “pulse” drinks I’m doing as a test. Basically, the new product out by Biotest. Love their protein formula in general, so just wanted to try this. When I did IF by myself the other week with green tea and water and some BCAAs only, I was fine for hunger until I got a pang around the 24hr mark, where I decided to break it with chilli. Basically, if my body DOES say, have some food, I will.

When I did the first Biotest pulse fast thingy in comparison to “by myself,” I was able to actually last all 36 hrs. However, I like how I looked the next day. Not bloated at all. Lost 1.2lbs, but gained it back the following day, haha, with a bit of overeating. smile I know it’s mostly water weight that’s helping the weight fluctuate and because of sugar. Like the other days, I always have a good morning, afternoon; then I snack in the evening. However, what I hope this does is to eventually break my connection with evening snacking.

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