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Foodie and Fitness: And…FIGHT!

June 22, 2010

Hook, Line, and Simple

Hook, Line and Simple recipe via Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry

More than one person chuckled when I informed them, as a major foodie, that I am going to embark on a journey to fitness. Impossible?

It is hard. It’s always been hard for me because my love affair with food started very young. The best memories I have revolve around dinners with friends and family, as it should: food, good food, generally bring people together. On top of which, my family in general was never super athletic growing up, and my own parents’ hang-ups with their own eating and fitness issues seem to try to sabotage any effort. It might be an immigrant thing: we’re always trying to overfeed people as a cultural norm. Most immigrants leave their country because there’s less to offer in their native land, and some of that has to do with the scarcity of healthy meals (of course, I am making a grand, sweeping statement; not every immigrant comes from an impoverished land and neither are impoverished countries lacking in cuisine—just saying that hardship leads to a culture where sharing food is sacred).

Though, like with some relationships, it can get a little too much. My vices include chocolate almonds and kettle popcorn. I wish I could eat everything with white rice. And remove skin from chicken? Unheard of!

So, in the end, as I want to be realistic with myself, I am not eliminating any of the above, per se. Through the LoseIt App, I’ll basically just make smarter choices with smaller portions. Plugging things in fits my mildly OCD tendencies and also just gives an overview of what I’m putting in my mouth. It will also keep me honest. I’m also going to try to increase protein intake and watch the carb intake. No crash low-carb BS, just say, 1/3 cup of rice (mixed white and brown) instead of 1 cup. tongue laugh

C'est Moi

A fitter 125lb Lea circa 2007

As for fitness, simplicity is key. I’ve tried it all with varying results, but the point is that doing something that works but isn’t sustainable will only make me give up. So, my simple exercise regimen is thus: Monday, Wednesday, Friday are my elliptical days. 30 minutes of intervals. As I get stronger, I’ll up the RPM intensity, and mix up the interval program so my body won’t have time to get used to it. Then, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are my circuit training/weight days. One of those days will be purely weights, the other will have interval jump rope thrown in between sets. My goal is to eventually do the entire weight workout using my 11.5lb hand weights. I was able to 3 years ago. Right now, I have to switch down to my 8lb weights for a few sets.

So why am I doing the above? Because I did it four years ago to drop the same gross weight I am now and sustained it for two years (tho during maintenance I just did 3 workouts/wk)... until I met my husband and gained the “Marriage 15.” But, my real goal weight is 115lbs, 10lbs less than the picture above. Now, that might seem low for some people but keep in mind that I am 5’0”. I would be happy at 125lbs for the rest of my life, but 115lbs is just that extra personal goal to get me in “bikini shape.” At least once in my life, right? Before age destroys my metabolism completely?

So, there you have it. My plan and my goals, which is pretty common for everyone. It’s simple, but not easy. The trick is sticking to it. I am determined.

BBASHA! (those who watch K-dramas know what I’m talking about…)

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