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Taste Tripping

July 03, 2010

Fig & Proscuitto Crostini

Fig & Proscuitto Crostini by Brooke from Take it and Like It!

An SLR is a beautiful thing: it takes great photographs in the right hands and the right light. But, unfortunately, it’s not very conducive to socializing or eating. So, even though I brought the hulking camera to Valerie’s home to snap the Taste Tripping Potluck Party for Edmonton foodies and food bloggers, I only ended up with 3 great photos, and one of them is highlighted above. And yes, Brooke’s fig and proscuitto crostini is every bit as tasty as it looks!

Not unlike the last local foodie meetup, this was an evening of good food, good conversation, and good people; in no small part because of our amazing hosts Valerie and Vanja who are as warm as their kitchen. However, the twist for this meetup was that this was a “taste tripping” party to test out the much-ballyhooed Miracle Berry. The berry somehow alters your taste buds to turn sour to sweet, and many more surprises. However, the taste tripping wasn’t limited to chemical alterations: the potluck offerings were truly a lesson in diversity.

From Kevin’s Smoked Moose Tongue to Chris’s Puerco Pibil, and Allan’s standout Goose Confit Ravioli with Celery Leaves and a Rhubarb Vinaigrette, it truly was an atypical potluck.

Morrocan Keftas

My humble offering of Morrocan meatballs aka Keftas.

To avoid duplication (and partial laziness) I bow down to Chris’s listed breakdown of all provided dishes and of course, the hostess Valerie’s own writeup of the party should not be missed. She took the time to photograph each foodie with their potluck dish and outline each of its properties. I had a mini Vogue moment there which Valerie only encouraged, haha!

Again, it was lovely to meetup with passionate locals and to put faces to the words on the screen. Valerie graciously compiled all our potluck recipes into booklets to take home so I’m excited to try out some of the recipes put forth. Already looking forward to another local foodie meetup, as this has proven what a great community we have here!

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